Taking a giant leap of faith, Reliance Digital is all set to join the ranks of electronics retail stores that boast a private line of electronic products. Reliance Digital will soon roll out its own range of electronic gadgets and utilities under the brand name of ‘Reconnect’. Offering a wide assortment of home and kitchen appliances, beauty care products, entertainment gadgets and more, Reliance Digital quest to offer the best in technology has found a new definition all together with Reconnect.
One thing that makes ‘Reconnect’ rather aspirational and more significantly viable is the fact that it comes from a trusted name. Bearing Reliance in its title already instills in Reconnect a significant amount of trust and assurance as far as quality and value-for-money is concerned. Reliance Digital has already garnered for itself the recognition of being the ‘value-purpose’ electronics chain, and building on such a reputation, ‘Reconnect’ stands to find ground on trusty shores. The range promises to offer cutting edge technology and ultra-modern gadgets. But what appeals more is the proposition that links Reconnect to human connection. Even in the face of mind boggling technical advancement, it is that human connection that finds ground with everyone. Reconnect has tried to capture this ‘human’ sentiment in its range of products by letting one ‘reconnect’ with the moments, the people and the emotions they would cherish forever.

 For Reliance Digital, this is perhaps a fitting move on every account. Reliance Digital stores have garnered a strong reputation throughout the country and the brand’s association with ‘value’ is unmatched by any other. It is very likely that customers find themselves connecting with Reliance Digital’s in-house brand just on the fact that it comes from Reliance and that there is a promise of good quality, good price and value that transcends from Reconnect’s brand vision and brand proposition. Especially because this is everything a customer looks for in an electronics brand.