If you are the kind of person, who likes to spend evenings or weekends glued to your gaming consoles, Reliance Digital has a wide variety of gaming consoles to offer, for serious as well as casual gamers. It has games for those who prefer playing games on the television or desktop and even portable video games, for entertainment while travelling. 

According to the Reliance Digital reviews, those who are new to the world of gaming can choose Playstation 2. It is the world’s highest selling gaming console. PS2 sports games ranging from God of War to Need for Speed and FIFA. You can double the fun by grabbing a second controller for multi-player competition.

For those who love gaming, but travel around a lot, Playstation Portable is specially designed for you. The games that you loved to play on PS2 and PS3 are available on Playstation Portable. Its 4.3-inch screen also serves the purpose of a media player. 

High definition gaming is offered by Xbox 360. The most popular gaming franchises across the globe, like Halo, Gears of War, Fable, etc are available on Xbox 360. It also supports games to entertain the entire family, which include Dance Central, Kinect Sports, Sesame Street’s Once Upon a Monster, etc. The addition of Kinect allows motion gaming, where your body acts as a controller. Its Xbox Live Platform is a globally preferred platform for online multi-player games.

Playstation 3 flaunts full HD visuals, stereoscopic 3D support, Blu-ray playback and seamless wireless media streaming. It also offers free online multi-player via the Playstation network. PS3 also delivers motion controlled gaming via the Playstation Move. The most unique feature of PS3 is its one-to-one accuracy and a mix of casual and hardcore games.

You can visit the nearest Reliance Digital Store to check the high definition graphics offered by the new gaming consoles. Various Gaming platforms and games are available to suit every need. If you have any queries regarding gaming consoles, you can fill the Reliance Digital Feedback form available on the Reliance Digital Website. Your query will soon be resolved by technical experts at Reliance Digital.