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Reliance Digital Store

Reliance Digital is a multi-brand electronic retail chain from the house of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). This consumer electronics and durables retail chain is one of India’s fastest growing retail chains and the most popular destination for purchase of electronic items.  Carrying over 4000 different electronic items from more than 150 brands – both national and international Reliance Digital offers customers one of the largest collection of electronic products and brands from world over.

Every Reliance Digital store packs a punch as far product variety and price points go. The stores are spacious and design and allow for ease of movement when looking at different products and their brands. From refrigerators, washing machines, DVD players, laptops, digital cameras, gaming consoles, LCD and LED TVs, microwave ovens, mobile phones, electronic musical instruments  to even the smallest of the electronic items like pen drive, headphones and data cables, Reliance Digital carries it all. Every product is categorized under a title from ‘my appliances’, ‘my entertainment’, ‘my gaming’ and ‘my communication’, making it easier from customers to browse through the varied selection.  When it comes to picking the right product, special experience zones have been set up for customers to test and verify a product in true-to-life settings. This feature is exclusive to Reliance Digital, and lets a customer gauge better how a particular product/brand blends in life like settings. Reliance Digital’s mantra of ‘bringing technology to life’ is vividly reflected in this one-of-a-kind feature.

Reliance Digital stores offer great prices on all products, thus making any purchase even more desirable. The prices are competitive and the products/brands stand to offer a great value for their money.What makes a purchase at Reliance Digital more feasible is the ‘Reliance resQ’ customer support service platform, which looks after all post purchase needs. Reliance resQ takes into account diagnostic and repairs services, product installation and demo, preventive maintenance, extended warranty services and the ease of accessibility on any of the 365 days of the year.

Reliance Digital strives to offer value in every way- value in terms of price, quality and experience. This quality ensures that customers get only the best of electronic items that fits both their budget and preference

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